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Therese Augruso

Basic Exterior Package

- Check for evidence of Break & Entry (doors & windows)

- Sweep leaves, remove small amounts of snow (under 5cm) from entrance.

- Collect mail, newspapers, junk mail & leaflets

- Inspect for damage to house and property

home living room
home kitchen

Basic Package Includes Exterior/Interior

- All the above plus Peace-of-Mind room by room walk-through

- Check for plumbing leaks around appliances, kitchen, laundry room

- Water indoor Plants

- Flush toilets, run faucets to check water flow and frozen pipes

- Check Refrigerator/Freezer for proper cooling.

- Check heat/air-conditioner settings on thermostat

- Post storm checks

- Refresh Home by opening windows

- Provide Home checklist.

home bathroom

Additional Client Services Available:

- Lawn mowing and snow removal (average size lot)

- Water outside plants

– Re-position vehicles in drive-way

- One-time Visit
(Exterior & Interior Package)

- Waiting for trades/delivery persons, etc.

- Return Home Pkg.
(stocking of fridge for your return)
*food cost extra

- Mail Forwarding (postage extra)

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